AC Upper Gym Table Tennis Tournament on Nov 20th 2022

Hi everyone! Table tennis tournaments are back after nearly 3 years! We are holding our first table tennis tournament of the year at the Upper Gym at Athletic Centre on November 20th between 3-5 pm. Only UofT community members with AC membership may participate in this event due to AC policy.

Players will first be randomly assigned to one of 8 groups and play round-robin singles matches, 3 players per group. Then the 1st place players from each group will move on to the single elimination rounds to compete for the championship! For the group stage, games will be best-of-3 where the first 2 games are up to 11 points without deuce, and the 3rd game is only up to 7 points without deuce. Single elimination rounds will be either best of 3 or best of 5 depending on the time.

1st place prize: UTTTC Competition Shirt. 2nd place prize: DHS 3-star balls. 3rd place prize: $10.

Please sign up here ( We will send a confirmation email after you have signed up for the spot. You may sign up for the waitlist if all spots have been filled. The registration fee is $10 and must be paid before November 19th at noon to complete your registration (waitlisted players do not need to pay the registration fee unless moving off the waitlist). If you cannot make the tournament, please give us at least 24-hour notice and cancel your sign-up on Eventbrite to qualify for a refund of the registration fee and free up the spot for your fellow waitlist players.

Rackets may be rented from AC at their reception desk. It is highly recommended that you bring your own racket. Balls will be provided for all tournament play. As per AC policy, please bring your own locks and leave all bags (except for racket cases and small shoe bags) and jackets in the AC change rooms before coming up to the gym.

We will be holding more tournaments throughout the year. So make sure to follow us on Facebook or join our discord group chat for future tournament announcements! For questions please contact us at:

Please arrive on time. We will give warm-up time and the important opening announcement at the beginning. So arriving 10 minutes late will result in defaults and your registration fee will not be refundable. We will also be selling water at the tournament site (cash only). We look forward to seeing you all!