Hart House Practices

We host supervised drop-in practices in the Hart House Range Room every Tuesday & Thursday, 8-10pm. There is no formal instruction, though rotational play may be enforced as tables are limited. Players are encouraged to bring their own rackets and balls, but we will have a few if you need to borrow.

2017 Fall Hart House Practice starts on Tuesday, October 3rd.



Athletic Centre Practices

The UofT Athletic Centre has 2 tables that are available for use on a first-come first-serve booking basis. There are no scheduled club practices, so bring a friend and drop-in whenever! To book a court, call 416-978-3436 (ext. 0). The tables are located in squash courts 1 and 3, and can be booked for 40-minute intervals per person. Please note that you must be a student, staff, faculty, or AC membership holder to book tables.

Competitive Team Practices

Are you interested in playing competitive table tennis and representing the University of Toronto? The UTTTC also has a competitive team that represents UofT on the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association. Team membership is determined through tryouts that take place in every September, and practices are held in the Athletic Centre.

2017-18 Team Tryouts will take place on September 18th/20th, 7:30 pm in the Athletic Centre. Click here to register!