The Intramural League!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The event you’ve all been waiting for: The Intramural League ‘19/’20!

The UTTTC works closely with UofT’s Athletic Center to conduct our year-long league. As such, teams must register with BOTH the UTTTC and the UofT Intramural Office to participate (details at the end of post). Due to recent changes in the AC’s policies, the deadline for registration will be exceptionally early this year on Thursday, Sept. 19th at 2PM, so please act quickly!

To register with the UTTTC as either a team or individual, please fill out the form here and follow the instructions given:

  • For teams with finalized lineups of 5 players: Please fill out the form and register with UofT Intramurals ASAP (details at the end of post).
  • For teams with <5 players: Please fill out the form and send your captain for a meeting during the week of Sept. 16 (details given in form)
  • For individual players: Please fill out the form and come down for a meeting during the week of Sept. 16 (details given in form)

The meeting will be held in the Range Room of Hart House (7 Hart House Cir), and its exact time will be decided by a popular vote.

In addition to this form, teams will be required to register and pay a $70 security deposit to UofT Intramurals at either the Athletic Centre, Goldring, or Varsity Stadium main offices. Go to one of the offices above and tell the staff that you would like to register for the Table Tennis Intramural League. The office will give you a form for you to fill out. Fill out the form and give it back to the office with the $70 deposit.

PLEASE NOTE that while each player can play up to twice per team match, all competitive team players (definition given in form) in one team are only allowed to play 3 games IN TOTAL per team match. Additionally, a team can only have 2 competitive team players at maximum, which means that teams with competitive team players will need to have at least 2 non-competitive players to be able to complete their 5 games per match.

We understand that this is on very short notice, and apologize that AC was unable to grant any extensions to the deadline. Once you’re through the formalities however, it’s time to dust off that paddle! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the start of the new season.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to an executive on our Facebook group, or email UTTTC or UTTTC Intramurals.

Will and Xianfei,
UTTTC Intramural League Coordinators