2016-2017 UTTTC Club Election: Result

Hello UTTTC members,

Thanks everyone for coming out to our election! This year’s election has been a blast, and here is the result for next year’s exec team!

President: Yilin Tian, Mona Teng
Vice-president: Rohan Manmohan
Treasurer: Oscar del Rio
Intramural co-ordinators: Otto Ling, Brian Yeung
Public Relations: Vicki Zhang
Event Co-ordinators: Nadiya Bayeva, Emma Huang
Competitive Team Coordinators: Paula Hsien, Benson Peng
Web Master: Otto Ling

Congratulation to our new exec team! Please welcome and give them your full support! Thanks everyone for being involved with the club in the past year and best of luck to your final exams!

UTTTC Exec Team