Summer Practice in Hart House starting on May 8th!!!

Summer is here! 

UTTTC will organize table tennis practice for everyone during this summer. Unfortunately, AC practice will be cancelled due to lack of participants; but there is no need to worry, because we will still be having the twice-per-week drop-in practice at Hart House.

Details as Below:

Starting Date: May 8th, 2014 (Thurs)
Location: Hart House Range Room (in the basement on the west side, ask the front desk if you cannot find it)
Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 8pm-10pm
Fee: FREE (Thanks to all of our lovely volunteer supervisors!)

Feel free to bring your own rackets if you have any. However, you are always welcomed to use the ones we have!


The Harthouse practice is cancelled on Jun. 26th (Thurs) and July 1st (Tues) as the HH archery room is occupied during those times. Sorry for the inconvenience!


The Harthouse practice is CANNELLED on July 3rd (Thurs) as the HH archery room will be unavailable during those times. It will continue on July 8th (next Tuesday) again from 8pm to 10pm in the Harthouse archery room. Sorry for the inconvenience!