UTTTC Elections for 2022/23

Thank you so much for your continued support through this extraordinary year! We are pleased to announce that the UTTTC’s Presidium election and the executive member recruitment are commencing!

Apply now: https://forms.gle/9hP1hKSUvMzhJKS97

Vote for the Presidium:

Summary of the election and recruitment processes this year:

1. The Presidium consists of 1-2 (Co-)President(s) and 1 Vice President. Candidates will submit an application along with their candidate statements.

2. From the Presidium candidates, the (Co-)President(s) and Vice President will be elected by the club members. Club members can vote “Yes”, “No”, or “Forfeit” for each candidate. To be elected, a candidate must receive at least 50% “Yes” votes from all votes cast. In the event of more candidates than positions, the proportions of “Yes” votes will be compared and ranked, and the top 2 candidates for the (Co-)President position(s), along with the top candidate for the Vice President position, will be elected.

3. Once the Presidium team for the next academic year is elected, the new and the outgoing Presidium teams will conduct virtual interviews with each applicant for the remaining executive positions and then finalize the composition of the executive team.

4. The deadline for applying to non-Presidium executive positions is 5 PM, April 3, 2022 (Sun). The interviews will be conducted either during the last week of class, or immediately after the final exam period. So please rest assured for your finals and if selected, you will be contacted to confirm interview timing shortly after the deadline.

Important notes for applicants:
1. The deadline for applying for the Presidium positions is 5 PM, March 27, 2022, and only the past or current executive members are eligible to apply.
2. The deadline for applying for other positions is April 3, 2022. The descriptions of these positions can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y_yiWh6mt2ImrP2x1RKGdzOukOEZvIzD0vdR2iW-90w/edit?usp=sharing, and please remember to read the description before you apply. Most of these positions are open to applicants who are interested in taking the responsibilities.
3. Each applicant can apply for maximum of two positions. If you would like to apply to a second position, please make sure you submit a separate form and prepare your candidate statement accordingly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at tabletennis.club@studentorg.utoronto.ca.