Welcome to UofT’s Table Tennis Club!

Thanks for showing up to our booth at Club’s Fair! We had so much fun talking to everyone.

Hart House practices will start onĀ Tuesday, October 3rd! The drop-in times are between 8pm and 10pm, and located in the Range Room, which is located in the basement. You don’t need to scan your T-card to enter; just let the HH reception know you’re heading to the Range Room. If you need further directions, feel free to ask any of the HH staff as well!


Got some downtime between classes?

You can also play table tennis on your own time throughout the week! Two of the squash courts in the Athletic Center have tables that can be booked out for 40 minute periods. To book tables in the AC, call (416) 978-3436 ext. 0. You will want to book either table tennis court 1 or 3. Give them your name, student number and the time you want to book it.Make a friend, show up at the courts and play!

Think you have the skill to complete for UofT?

The University of Toronto Table Tennis Team represents UofT on the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA). Our co-ed and women’s teams play up to three large tournaments annually in Canada and the USA. Tryouts for the team are happening at 7:30pm on both Monday September 18th and Wednesday September 20th. You only have to show up to one session. Please try to bring your own equipment (racket, clothes, shoes). AC has rackets you can borrow, but they are not of the best quality.

Click here to register for try-outs!

More events are coming!

We have an intramural league, the annual Fall and Winter tournaments, and some social events coming up! More information will be posted, so stay tuned!