University of Toronto Table Tennis Club


UTTTC is open to everyone at the University of Toronto and to members of the Athletic Centre or Harthouse!  (Non-UofT members need Athletic Centre membership or Harthouse membership)

To be part of our club simply join our LISTSERV. You will receive announcements about practices, tournaments and other events that the club organizes throughout the year.


There is no commitment and there are no club membership fees, but there are registration fees for some of the activities that we organize or in which we participate. Some of these are summarized below:


Table Tennis practices are organized by the Athletic Centre, with the co-operation and participation of our club. Anyone at UofT can join, novice and advanced players. It only costs $25 per semester for the weekly practices. See the Practices page for details.

UofT Tournaments:

The Club organizes a few tournaments every year, also open to everyone at UofT.  We try to keep entry fees as low as possible, just to cover rental costs and other expenses. Usually the fee is only about $5 per tournament; some tournaments might be free if we find sponsors! Check the Tournaments page and join our mailing list to receive tournament announcements.

UTTTC Intramurals:

The Club organizes an annual intramural league that runs the entire academic term (both fall and winter semesters) every year, which is open to everyone at UofT.  The structure of the league varies slightly from year to year as we are constantly tweaking it to be more fun and inclusive. Intramural sign up will usually occur at the beginning of a school year (Septermber) and anyone interested are encouraged to participate. Check the Intramurals page and join our mailing list to receive intramurals announcements.

Intercollegiate Tournaments:

Our top players also participate in leagues and tournaments with other Universities in Canada and the USA. If you think you have the skills to join our teams, please contact us!  We will call for tryouts early in the school year. Join our mailing list so that you don’t miss the chance to join our teams! The club looks for ways to subsidize the cost of these tournaments but players are expected to contribute to cover some of the costs.


You can subscribe to our new youtube channel here! More detail coming soon!