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March 11th, 2016 · Comments Off on [Sponsorship] is a table tennis site that is dedicated to providing trustworthy reviews of ping pong tables, paddles and training robots. We are passionate about the sport and, as long-time players ourselves, we know the what players demand out of their equipment. We review equipment from the top worldwide brands like STIGA, Kettler, Butterfly, Killerspin and Cornilleau and provide our honest opinions of their newest products. Our goal is to educate readers about the build quality, craftsmanship, materials that go into the products and help them make smart buying decisions.

Finding the right ping pong table can be a difficult process. There are many brands to choose from and many different types of tables offered. In order to make an informed decision, you need to understand what qualities make one table better than another. The five main criteria to consider when buying a table tennis table are: Playing surface Thickness, Strength of Frame, Convenience Features, Safety Features and Value. Knowing what to look for will allow you to find the right mix of features for you, regardless of price point. In our Ping Pong Table Buyer’s Guide, we examine the best tables at three different price points and rate them according to these criteria.

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[Fund Raising] Help U of T players, by receiving FREE Dental Service!

February 5th, 2016 · Comments Off on [Fund Raising] Help U of T players, by receiving FREE Dental Service!

This year, the University of Toronto Table Tennis Team has gathered numerous elite level player. They have the chance to go to NCTTA Nationals, and compete against top players from other universities in Canada and the United States!

However, because the tournament will be held in Texas, the trip will be not be cheap. This is how you can come and help out your fellow players, without spending a single dime!

Thanks to the generosity of Ex-club-president Howard Ma and his dental clinic, our players are sponsored $50 for each person that receives dental service through the club’s referral. If you are currently a U of T student, and has not opt-out of the healthcare plan at the beginning of the year, you are eligible to receive free dental service with ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE. If you would like to help the U of T Table Tennis Team to put up great performance in this year’s Nationals, please register using the following link. A representative will contact you for appointments.

Dental Service Registration Form

If you know a friend, who would also like to receive dental service, please refer them to this link as well. The club and our team players will be grateful for your supports!

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Important Characteristics of Table Tennis Tables

November 8th, 2015 · Comments Off on Important Characteristics of Table Tennis Tables

The holidays are upon us, and those of you who are looking for a new table tennis table are eagerly awaiting the sweet discounts that soon follow. But even with the big discounts, tables can still be pretty expensive. Therefore, we’re going to show you the most important characteristics that you should focus on when comparing ping-pong tables.

What’s The Most Important Characteristic?

First and most important: surface thickness. The table’s surface is the most important aspect to consider because it has the greatest affect on the ball, and subsequently the game.

Throughout your shopping for an indoor table, you will notice a surface thickness ranging from around 5/8 inch to 1 inch, and a price range from about $400 to $2000. The thicker the surface, the higher the price.

Don’t let the small add-ons and miscellaneous extras distract you from this most important attribute! Do you really need four-inch locking caster wheels on an indoor table? I doubt it.

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

While surface thickness is still the most important part of the table, making sure your table can withstand the weather is key when considering an outdoor table. That’s why these tables are manufactured with a material that specifically combats glare and warping, and are designed to be weather resistant.

Keep in mind, however, that this additional surface treatment results in a bit higher cost. 
 You can find outdoor tables of decently quality generally ranging from to $500-$3000.

Second Most Important Characteristic

Second: The second most important characteristic will vary depending upon who is going to be using your table. Do you have small children? If so, if might be a good idea to get a table with locking wheels for extra safety and a large chassis to prevent the frame from bending. (Kids love to sit on ping pong tables.)  Do you have a hard time finding a decent opponent? Then maybe the play-back feature is an important attribute that you need to have. Maybe you don’t want to assemble it and want the table to arrive assembled. The point is, while the surface thickness will undecidedly affect game-play, other characteristics may be more important to a particular player. You must decide what’s best for you!  

Last But Important Characteristic
Third: The ball. You might be thinking, I thought this was about tables? But it is. Even with a professional table, if you’re playing with a low-quality ball the game-play will be negatively affected.

I know you have picked up one of those cheap Ping Pong balls at the neighborhood pool or Rec Center, and after a few rallies threw the ball down in disgust. But you don’t need to bother with discount balls: a 6-pack of high quality balls is less than $10.


While the surface thickness is undecidedly the most important characteristic for the majority of people, your table choice should take into consideration your lifestyle. Perhaps you have a small child who you fear will lose interest after a short while… it might be smart to reconsider ordering that $1500 Olympic gold-plated table tennis table.

Happy Holidays.

A huge thanks to for writing this post. For more table tennis equipment reviews, please visit their website at

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